Short CV

Maria Kalathaki (

School Advisor for Science Teachers of West Crete

Director of the Regional Training Center of Heraklion (range of Crete)

Head of the Training Support Center ‘PEK Irakleiou’

Born and live in Archanes, Heraklion, Crete, Greece in 1962

Degree of Biology (Patras University, 1984).

Ph. D. of Marine Biology (Patras University, 1992).

1. Master (Med) “Studies on the Education”, especially in thematic areas of “Open and Distance Education”, “Educational Research”, “Adult Education”, “Administration of Educational Units” (Greek Open University, 2008).

2. Master (Med) “Environmental Education” (Aegean University, 2009).

3. Master (Med) “Modern Tendencies in the Didactics of Biological Courses and New Technologies” (University of Athens, 2010).

Certification of Didactics & Pedagogic Adequacy, by Greek Open University, Law 4186 (FEK Α’193/17-9-2013), no. 37.7).

Certification of Scientific And Pedagogical Guidance of Primary and Secondary Teachers, by the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA).

Certification of A & B Level of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), by the Greek Ministry of Education & Religion.

Certification of Proficient User C1 Advanced Communication, having met the assessment criteria set out in the compulsory listening, reading, writing and speaking components of the London Examination Tests of English EDEXCEL and European Accreditation System of CEDEFOP-EUROPASS.

Certification of Leader of the European Program YOUTH IN ACTION, by the “Nurture Nature” Project.

Certified Trainer in the Training Programmes LAEK 0.45% of the Employment Agency (OAED).

Certified Trainer in the Major Project of Education Pedagogical Institute (PI).

Researcher of Scientific Research employed in Research Committee of Patras University and Aegean University.

Many Certifications of attending seminars and educational programs on Environmental Education, Teaching of Sciences in Secondary schools, Evaluation in Education, ICTs, European programs.

Five Post-Graduated Thesis on “Biology and Cultivation of Scallop Chlamys grabra in Kalloni Gulf”, “Chaetognathes of Phytoplankton of Patraikos Gulf”, “Criteria Development on Planning School Environmental Educational Programs in the frames of Adult Education”, “Secondary Education for Sustainable Development”, “Inquiry Learning in School Environmental Programs, an Evaluation Approach”.

Writer of 11 Books of Chemistry and Biology, more than 100 publications in National and International Conferences, Scientific and Pedagogical Journals.

Teacher of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology in Public Schools of Secondary Education and in Tuition Centres, for more than 20 years.

Teacher in the program of “Additional Instructive Support of students of Lyceums”.

Coordinator of the Training Program on Natural Sciences, Technology, Physical Education and Health for teachers of Secondary Education, in the framework of the «Training of teachers for the exploitation and implementation of digital technologies in the didactic activity, Second Level Training/B1-epipedo

Trainer of Secondary Education Teachers, for many years, in many seminars and educational programs in the area of didactic methodology, evaluation, environmental education, of the Greek Pedagogical Institute, Environmental Educational Centres, Regional Training Centre of Heraklion, autonomous training programs coordinated by myself, etc.

Organizer and Coordinator of workshops, many seminars and educational programs on Didactic Methodology of Science in schools, Evaluation, Environmental Education, ICTs, School Leadership, etc. Organizer of the European Conference with the title “Future Teachers According to the Lisbon Strategy”.

Organizer and Coordinator of the Greek Conference “Sustainable School Leadership: meritoriousness & responsibility”.

Member of the Central Committee of Pan-Hellenic National Examinations for the entrance to Universities in 2005 response for the themes of Biology.

Member, for many years, of Local School Committee and Overseer of Pan-Hellenic National Examinations for the entrance to Universities, of Committees of Re-grading of the final examinations in Lyceums of Heraklion prefecture, grading student manuscripts of Biology in National Exams.

Member of Pan-Hellenic Union of Bio-Scientists and of Greek Pedagogical Union.

Expert & Special Scientist/Coordinator for the Evaluation of the Curricula and Text Books of Biology in Lower Secondary Education

Expert & Special Scientist for Designing of the New Curriculum of Lyceums on Biology

Expert & Special Scientist for Designing of the Guide for the Teachers Biology in Lyceums

Expert & Special Scientist/Coordinator for the Development of Digital Science Teaching Scenarios in Biology in lower and upper Secondary Education

Expert and Specific Scientist/Coordinator for the Evaluation of Digital Didactic Scenarios of Biology in Secondary Education

Organizer of Educational Visits end educational exchange of students in many places of Greece, in Romania, Turkey and Cyprus.

Coordinator of Local, National and European School Educational Programs, for example multilateral Comenius “Εuropean Forests Network”, “Traces of the Celtic world in the regions of Europe… stratified anthropological universies”, “Future European Teachers: Training Kit According to the Lisbon Strategy-Eskillskit”, “Youth in Action”, bilateral European programs “Virtue can be taught?”, “Biodiversity in Minoan Period”, “Energy Resources and Local Communities”, “Educational Exchange”, etc

Participated in many Greek and European Scientific and Educational Congresses, Workshops and Conferences

Participated in Exhibitions of book, Educational Photography

Member of the Scientific Committee of the “Journal for the Environmental Education” and of National Conferences,

Member of Organizational and Scientific Committees of many Congresses and Conferences, also Chairwoman, of many Educational Conferences